PhD Theses


Giulia Buizza: Multi-parametric imaging for particle therapy: integrating macro & microscale models


Giorgia Meschini: Respiratory motion modelling in particle therapy


Antonella Belfatto: Mathematical tumor modeling toward a personalized approach in radiation therapy

Francisco Roberto Cassetta Jr: Cone Beam CT and proton CT for adaptive radio and proton therapy

Riccardo Via: Development and validation of an eye tracking system for proton radiotherapy treatment of ocular melanomas


Chiara Paganelli: MRI-guidance in external beam radiotherapy: from planning to treatment

Maxime Desplanques: An open source software for proton treatment planning


Giovanni Fattori: Image guided management of uncertainties in scanned particle therapy.

Matteo Seregni: Tumor tracking in particle therapy : development of dedicated methods and experimental testing.


Aurora Fassi: Development and testing of extra-cranial tumour tracking methods for intra-fraction organ motion compensation in particle radiation therapy.

Chiara Gianoli: 4D PET-based treatment verification in ion beam therapy : reconstruction and optimization strategies.


Andrea Pella: Technologies and methods for treatment geometry optimization in radiation therapy with accelerated particles.

Marta Peroni: Methods and algorithms for image guided adaptive radio- and hadron- therapy.